Weather Alerts for Palmer Alaska

Issued by the National Weather Service

Special Weather Statement  SPECIAL WEATHER STATEMENT   Special Weather Statement

Areas Affected:
Copper River Basin
Effective: Tue, 7/17 10:46am Updated: Tue, 7/17 10:30pm Urgency: Expected
Expires: Thu, 7/19 12:45pm Severity: Minor Certainty: Observed

...Glacier Dammed Release of Hidden Lake will cause rising water
levels on the Kennicott, Chitina, and Copper Rivers...
Hidden lake,which is dammed by the Kennicott glacier, has begun
to release causing a significant rise on the Kennicott River at
Mccarthy. The Kennicott River water levels prior to the release
were at 1342.3 ft MSL, but were rapidly rising beginning Monday
This is a yearly event occurring in the mid to late summer. Water
levels on the Kennicott River were relatively low as the event began.
A total rise of 3-5 feet can be expected at Mccarthy.
Persons living or traveling in the vicinity of the Kennicott River
are urged to remain alert for rising water and possible minor
flooding during the next several days. Persons traveling to this
area for recreation should avoid parking or camping in any low lying
areas near the river crossing to Mccarthy. The Chitina and Copper
Rivers will experience moderate rises in water levels as the glacier
dammed lake outburst progresses downriver.